• Locating

    Quality of information is key. C Below offers professional utility locating and mapping services throughout the South West. Our highly experienced technicians utilize the most advanced equipment in the industry to gather...

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  • Potholing

    Vacuum Excavation, or Potholing, is the practice of exposing an underground utility for the purpose of identifying its positive horizontal and vertical location. You can also identify the type of material and...

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  • CCTV

    In addition to identifying the location of a line, it may be necessary to see inside it. Video Pipe Inspection can give you vital information needed to assess conditions and help you make...

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  • Mapping

    Utility locations can be plotted on a client provided site drawing in clear, easy to read detail. Each utility is labeled and color coded just like the indications marked in the field....

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Additional services

A few of the specialty services we offer as part of our comprehensive utility investigation services.

Rebar locating • 3D Modeling • Utility Trenching