Vacuum Excavation, or Potholing, is the practice of exposing an underground utility for the purpose of identifying its positive horizontal and vertical location. You can also identify the type of material and utility size.

It is recommended to pothole whenever the data is mission critical and there is no room for variance. The data collected can be used during predesign to determine valuable infrastructure information. Not only do you get a positive underground location, you get the size and material the line is made of. You get visual confirmation that can be counted on for planning.


When C Below conducts a typical utility investigation, the first step is to identify horizontal and vertical location of all lines in the project area by means of Electromagnetic Locators, Ground Penetrating Radar, CCTV Pipe Inspection or various other proprietary methods. Next we identify which locations we need additional information from to provide our client with a complete analysis. We then put together a potholing plan which includes and traffic control or permitting requirements. Once on site, we remove a 1' x 1' area of the hardscape covering the location we need additional data from. Based on soil conditions or the scope of the project, C Below will choose to use air or water to create the pothole. Once the utility is exposed and documented, the hole is filled and an appropriate patch is put in-place, restoring the surface.


100_1144One of the key advantages to using C Below for potholing is the training our technicians and operators under go. Each new team member undergoes months of training in all our processes before they are staffed on projects. The result is Potholers that can locate and have a greater understanding of your needs. While this offers our clients more available, trained technicians, it has another key benefit.

Less dry holes. A dry hole is when we don't hit our target. When pothole locations are marked out using inaccurate information, the chances of spending a full day in the field with out complete results are very high. C Below's technicians are trained to access the situation before potholing begins. This process can save time and money on your project by hitting our target the first time.


We feel our potholing reports are the best in the business. This is because we take client feedback and incorporate it into our standard practices. Please contact us if you would like to see samples of our work.


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Our in-house drafting and engineering department can provide professional stamped traffic control plans for your project. We provide all equipment, personnel and manage the permitting process. We are experienced at working with many jurisdictions such as Caltrans, LA County, Orange County, San Diego County and other municipalities.


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