• Subsurface Imaging

    CBELOW Specializes in subsurface imaging including; utility locating, ground penetrating radar (GPR) and radiography. We employ highly experienced technicians and utilize the most advanced equipment available in the industry. We provide timely, cost effective solutions to assure safety while protecting assets and preventing lost time due to damages caused by cutting, coring, drilling or digging in areas congested by unseen hazards in concrete, masonry and underground.

    underground scan

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  • Utility Locating On Location

    South High School in Torrance, CA
    Two month project - Utility Locating

  • Marking of Gas, Water, Power and Communications line through entire campus prior to renovation upgrades.

recent project

South Coast Plaza PT Cables
-South Coast Plaza

During recent improvements to South Coast Plaza’s North and South parking structures, CJ Segerstrom recognized the hazard of drilling into post-tensioned decks for lighting upgrades. To assure the safety of their contractors and to avoid project delays, CJ Segerstrom called on CBelow to map out all reinforcing steel and post-tensioned cables prior to the drilling operations. Their contractor needed to drill into the underside of the post-tensioned deck to install lighting hangers and junction boxes.

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